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A high-tech intelligence operative, enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain, aids an elite government cyber-security agency in special missions.
I gave it a shot. Pilot was mediocre but I continued to watch. Second episode was better, but still very unstable. By the third episode I had made my verdict that this show is quite disappointing considering what it potentially could have been.<br/><br/>The plot is pretty decent so far, what with the rivals who both have chips, and the mystery behind Amelia.<br/><br/>Unfortunately, the characters are incredibly shallow. They don&#39;t really have any real emotions towards one another, and there is very little internal conflict. The show should focus on Gabriel and Riley because they are the only thing holding this show together at the moment. Lilian is a very bland character, and the writers attempts at comic relief through the doctor and the son are very annoying and poorly done. Amos was another character who served absolutely no purpose.<br/><br/>This show has been extremely sloppy so far. I love shows like Chuck, Person Of Interest, Burn Notice, Lost, Castle, but this show doesn&#39;t come close to any of these.<br/><br/>This show is destined to fail, because on its current course, it doesn&#39;t stand a chance in the battle for Monday night.
Overall, the 13-episode series is satisfying!<br/><br/>✓ Convincing performances (except for the sometimes cheesy father and son scientist tandem).<br/><br/>✓ Gripping mini-stories.<br/><br/>✓ Captivating female lead (now watching more of Meghan Ory!) <br/><br/>✓ Exciting futuristic tech (the cyber rendering ability is the most satisfying of all).<br/><br/>The story could have been somewhat like a superhero origin story where new uses and more unexpected powers of the chip are gradually being discovered episode by episode and each story revolving or involving such new changes. <br/><br/>Eventually, the hero would have been able to exceed the powers of the newer chip installed on the female counterpart.<br/><br/>It would have also been cool if the renders in the lead&#39;s mind were shareable to his team.<br/><br/>But I guess these would have only been possible if the show was not cancelled. <br/><br/>Such a great show!

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