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Outsourcing Professional Body Of Knowledge Pdf Download > shorl.com/sekakugrofoki

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( more ) Download whitepapers Downloads: 24689 Format: pdf language: dutch Metrics Template - Incident Management Van Haren Publishing Peter Brooks 2011 The primary goal of the Incident Management process is to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible (and agreed) and minimize the adverse impact on business operations, thus ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and . TYPE whitepapers (822) free books (29) templates (243) sample exams (28) Domain Program Management (48) IT Service Management (398) Business Management (89) Project Management (257) IT Management (536) IT Governance & Security (71) Enterprise Architecture (98) Quality Management (22) Application Management (82) Information Management (83) Risk Management (10) Outsours. Home DomainsApplication ManagementAgileASLDSDM AternISO/IEC 15504ISO/IEC/IEEE CD 29119ISTQBScrumBusiness ContinuityISO/IEC 24762:2008ISO/IEC 27031Business ManagementBalanced ScorecardISO 14000ISO 26000Business Process Management (BPM)BPMMFrameworxLeanSqEMEEnterprise ArchitectureArchiMateSOATOGAFInformation ManagementAmsterdam Information management Model (AIM)BiSLCMMIIT GovernanceCOBITISO/IEC 38500:2008Val ITIT SecurityCISSPISO/IEC 27001SABSA 2012IT Service ManagementISO/IEC 20000 2011ITIL 2011 EditionTIPA for ITILProgram ManagementMoPMoVMSPP3OProject ManagementIPMA ICBISO 21500:2012PMBoKPRINCE2Quality ManagementEFQMISO 9001:2008Six SigmaRisk ManagementCOSOISO 31000:2009MoRSourcingeSCMIACCMOPBOK About News IBPI team Our vision / Our mission / Our key aims Best practice Frameworks and Standards Free content Contact Associates Library eShop eLibrary eKnowledge . The Open Group has a long history of providing support for enterprise architects, notably through development and maintenance of The Open Group Archit . Official publisher IAOP publications are generally available to members only. ( more ) Download whitepapers Downloads: 20981 Format: pdf language: english Metrics Template - Programme and Project Management Van Haren Publishing Peter Brooks 2011 Deliver projects and run Programmes to the required standards, by use of Prince2 or similar project method standard.

A printed version of OPBOK, published by Van Haren Publishing, can be purchased by non-members. OPBOK describes the best practices of outsourcing professionals around the globe and provides guidance on the critical make or break factors in any outsourcing program: Governance and defining a strategic approach to Outsourcing; Identifying and communicating business requirements; Selecting and qualifying providers; Gaining internal buy-in, creating project teams and Value assessment (value for money and return on investment). Sourcing Download PDF OPBOK Title / definition Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK) Type Framework Owner OPBOK is owned by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). ( more ) Download whitepapers Downloads: 23203 Format: pdf language: english Enhance PMBOK by Comparing it with P2M, ICB, PRINCE2, APM and Scrum Project Management Standards PM World Today Sam Ghosh, Danny Forrest, Thomas DiNetta, Bryan Wolfe & Danielle C. Best practices and practical advice Van Haren Publishing Bill Fine & Nick Schneider 2008 As IT services are becoming commodities, IT must change the way it views its relationship with business units and end users. ASL 2 Pocket Guide Van Haren Publishing Remko van der Pols & Yvette Backer 2013 ASL, the Application Services Library, is a framework for application management within an organization. Lambert 2012 For each standard, the driving forces for its adoption, its content, synergies and differences with PMBOK are noted at a high level. Their interactions are not always properly addressed - often leading to issues,conflicts and risks affecting the final qualit . ( more ) Download free books Downloads: 40463 Format: pdf language: english An Introductory Overview of ITIL 2011 Edition Van Haren Publishing itSMF UK 2007 ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) provides a framework of Best Practice guidance for IT Service Management and since its creation, ITIL has grown to become the most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world. & Contract Mgt (63) Document Format pdf (828) xls (11) doc (213) zip (4) ppt (4) xlsx (41) docx (7) Publication Date 2016 (1) 2015 (8) 2014 (33) 2013 (73) 2012 (66) 2011 (361) 2010 (95) 2009 (233) 2008 (94) 2007 (60) 2006 (35) 2005 (57) 2003 (4) 2001 (2) Languages German (29) English (749) Dutch (291) French (6) Spanish (7) Chinese (2) Japanese (24) Italian (4) Russian (2) Korean (1) Brazilian Portuguese (1) Danish (1) Portuguese (1) Arabic (2) Swedish (1) Finnish (1) .

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